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Founded in 1977 by Mssrs Bosner and Walter, BOWA-electronic GmbH & Co. KG has been a top supplier in the thriving sector of electrosurgery since 1987, thanks to its innovative strength and know-how. Today, BOWA has a staff of 600, generating a turnover of more than € 40 million. Its high-class products – all made in Germany – have an excellent global reputation. Supplying a full range of HF surgical instruments and accessories, BOWA is a successful international player on the sophisticated electrosurgical market: BOWA products are used all over the world.

Selected products:


BOWA neutral electrodes

BOWA neutral electrodes – innovative safe, economical The new standard in contact quality monitoring Benefit from the advantages of modern ...

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Bipolar forceps

Bipolar forceps – right to the point Coagulation using bipolar forceps achieves very precisely located and effective hemostasis and low ...

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Electrosurgical handles – ergonomical and with a long service life The outstanding feature of these re-usable handles are their long ...

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